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21 June 2012 @ 01:56 am


After a long time a few Months earlier i was finaly able to buy the Nintendo WII Game "Fragile Dreams ~Farewell Ruins of the Moon~ at Gamestop and a few days earlier i was finaly able to start playing it
usually i don't blog about Games but here... well check out by yourself!

Name: Fragile Dreams ~Farewell Ruins of the Moon~
Original Title: Fragile ~Sayonara Tsuki no Haikyo~
Jap Realese Date: 22 January 2009
US Realese Date: 16. March 2010
EU Realese Date: 19 March 2010
Console: Nintendo Wii
Player: 1
Publisher: Namco Bandai
We start with the Opening which is hold as a beautiful 3D Anime style one. Sometimes it's pretty hard to know
if it's really 3D or a Anime one.
Also the Opening isn't created with a boring ugly BGM or tecno sound, but with the beautiful song "Hikari" sung by Aoi Teshima which already helps the player to dive into the wonderful but sad world of Fragile Dreams


The Story:
Seto lived for a long time with a old man in a Astronomy Tower.
one day the old man died and left Seto all alone. While Seto thinks that he's the very last Human in the old and destroyed world, the "Grandfather" tells him in a last Letter that out there are much more People and he's not alone so Seto starts his Journey to fiond more Survivors, but his Journey is Dangerous.. Ghosts are luring all around the world.
Soon Seto meets a young mysterious silverhaired Girl which changed his plans... finding the mysterious Girl and travels together with her to the red Tower...

Who thinking to start the journey and collecting friends around himself to have better fights is wrong!
Fragile Dreams tells about Lonliness and that's what happens always to Seto.. Loniless.....
Of course you meet some other characters but they never stay together with Seto or travel with him so you wont get a Group like ion Finaly Fantasy or Skies of Arcadia.

Let's check out the weakpoint of Fragile Dreams... The Inventory...
on this Screen we can see a bigger one but it's still too small to carry all the things that is needed. Weapons can break so it's better to carry at least two weapons. Healing Items are never bad so we need space for them too
and then we can find Items on the way but only can pick them up if we have enough space in the inventory...
We can store them of course in a very huge one but this is only useable at the campfire!
Soon we have to notice that some boss fights need a special type of weapon like a bow. Sadly we don't get any hint early enough to get this Item and we don't have enough space to carry enough weapons all the time. so we just can reload the game or let them kill us.

Now we head back to a wonderful part of the game! Memorial Items!
In Fragile Dreams we wont meet any NPC's with which we can talk, but we become testify what countless people
left on Memories. The last feelings and thinkings of women, men, children and yeah also of dogs can be found in Items.
on the Campfire we can listen to the storys.
the Design and the Storys are very sad but beautiful

Campfires can be find everywhere and if you lucky you can meet the "chicken man" who sells you Weapons and healing Items. To get money you need to fight ghosts, they drop Items which turn into Yen on the Campfire so it's wothful to fight them also the Campfire recovers your HP

the Graphical design is simply awesome! specialy a twilight or the Moon are simply beautiful!
and even there aren't that much different Enemies like in Final Fantasy or Skies of Arcadia, even Zelda haves mire, but in Fragile Dreams they are very interesting and teach you how to fear! so there are from Jellyfish ghosts till to the first versions of the Daleks

Sadly the Play time is pretty short, my first run now was around 19-20 Hours? Pretty short for a RPG Game. But it doesn't affects the fun!
Fragile Dreams does concentrate to a sticked Storyline which you have to follow. So there are not that much plöaces also you can't discover them for free as long as the Story doesn't tell you to but they still are very detailed and beautiful!

Also the artworks, even there are not that much are very very beautiful!

Now lets check out about Characters and the dub of the Game!

The Characters are wonderful designed and everyone of them have the own Goal,
Storys and secrets and the game already holds some suprises which we already can
imagine some dramatical ones!

Fragile Dreams is also one of the games that got a fucking good dub! which is rare!
Fragile Dreams is playable in japanese Original dub and English dub, no German one
Text is avaible in german, english and Japanese. the game haves a 100% voice output
which gives the scenes more dramatic or emotions
Also it's one of the only Games which got a Wonderful ENGLISH Dub! the Voices got choosen very good and fitting the characters! as Sample i prefer the english Voice of Crow instead of the Japanese one... that's rare! It happens just once till now (Kaito kid's German voice is better than Japanese one)

Let's check out one of the most important things of a Game.. the BGM!!
Thanks to my Brother i got now the OST and i only can say: ITWAS WORTH THE SEARCH!!!
The BGM is simply a Masterpiece! Sad and beauttiful! Inspiring to Arts and Storys!
it fits the places and scenes perfectly! a Must have for BGM Lovers!

Fact: even Fragile Dreams is pretty short it^s worth to dive into thei beautoful World! People that are easiely fall in depressions or are afraid fast of ghosts or scary places and noises should enjoy this game carefully! I was also sometimes very scared even i can handle much drama and specialy much horror!

I done this Travel with Seto once... i will do it again and again and again!

Fragile Dreams shoot it's way to the 1st Place of my most favourite RPG Games!! Till now only Skies of Arcadia was able to reach this place now  Vyse have top share the 1st place with Seto! and even Fragile Dreams idn't that long, have such a huge system, not that much monsters or any NPCs as Skies of arcadia, Fragile dreams get much plus points for nostalgy, linliness and beautiful textes and thinkings and of course the beautiful music and design!!

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